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What to know before donating blood

Title of the document Now Medical Visa is running & Tourist Visa is not Available for CORONA (COVID-19).

Many patients die every year due to anemia. Blood is often needed due to various accidents or many complex diseases. It is possible to save one’s life with just one bag of blood. And so many people voluntarily donate blood to save lives. But before donating blood, a blood donor needs to know a number of things.

  • Know the rules of blood donation well. Also find out if your body is suitable for donating blood. The donor should know on his own initiative what kind of diseases a person cannot donate blood with.
  • In most of the blood donation camps, some or some food is given after donating blood. Salty foods are usually eaten after blood transfusions. Fruit juices, cookies etc. can be eaten.
  • Usually the staff of the concerned department comes to take blood from the government blood bank. But it is still good to know before giving blood. If you hear people coming from a landslide private blood bank, it is better to avoid it.
  • Even if you donate blood in a very reliable and familiar place, make sure that the new syringe is being used before handing out the syringe. And after your blood is taken, make sure that the syringe is being discarded.
  • You should never go for blood on an empty stomach. Water should be taken well before giving blood and tea-coffee should be avoided as much as possible.

Stay safe and be a blood donor.