What to do with the next problem after Covid recovers

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What to do with the next problem after Covid recovers

Many people are having heart problems after Kovid has recovered. Why is the pressure on the heart increasing next time because of Kovid?
In the words of the doctors, “The immune system that the body builds to fight the germs of covid in many cases damages various organs. Moreover, the level of oxygen in the body decreases due to covid. It also has an effect on the heart muscle. At first these were not understood but later it was noticed.

But the bigger reason is the tendency of blood to clot. Many people get blood clots due to corona. When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.
Saroj Mandal, a cardiologist in India, says, ‘It is very important to get tested for D-dimer to find out if there is a blood clot. After the complete recovery of Covid, many people are suddenly suffering from heart disease. The reason is blood clots. ‘
In his words, in some cases, it may be that Covid’s infection did not cause any symptoms. But the damage to the sleeves is the body. Later, the man had a heart attack without any prediction. For all these reasons, he advised to take care of the heart separately in Covid Kale with the advice of a doctor.

If the level of oxygen is low:

When tested on an oximeter, suddenly the oxygen level is showing low. This can mean heart problems even after the covid has healed.

If there is a problem in breathing:

Covid has recovered in about a month. But shortness of breath is not decreasing. This may be due to heart problems.

If the chest is heavy:

Wherever there is a heart in the chest, that side feels heavy. Occasionally there is a slight discomfort. It seems to be better to hold it with your hands.

If you sweat a lot:

It doesn’t feel so hot. But sometimes I am sweating profusely. It can also cause heart problems.