Various uses of turmeric

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Various uses of turmeric

The use of turmeric is not only in spices or cosmetics, but also in the treatment of various diseases.

• Mothers usually bathe their babies in Dettol-water. But when Dettol was not there, mothers used to bathe their children with oil and turmeric to protect them from bacterial infections or itching and scabies.

• Turmeric is a medicinal root. Another name for turmeric is ‘worm-killing’ which means worm-killer. It is so named because it destroys worms. Turmeric is an ideal medicine to cure stomach worms. Raw turmeric juice mixed with 15/20 drops of a little salt in the morning on an empty stomach is dewormed.

• Turmeric is very useful to cover the pale color of the face in jaundice. The patient has to take 5/10 drops of turmeric juice mixed with a little sugar or honey. It is very beneficial. Moreover, turmeric can remove dark spots on the face. At first, the turmeric has to be soaked for one week in Mansa 18. Then dry it in the shade and apply it on the face regularly. Black spots on the face are also removed.

• Yellow measles works quite well in fever. Raw turmeric is dried and powdered and mixed with the juice of the leaves and a little honey and fed to the patient suffering from measles.

• Beef, shrimp, these are the yellow herbs for those whose body becomes itchy and itchy. 1 part of neem leaf powder, 2 parts of raw turmeric powder and 3 parts of dried mango powder should be mixed together.

• According to Ayurveda, turmeric is also recognized for phlegm and biliary disorders. In case of cough, five to seven grams of raw turmeric should be crushed. Then boil the powdered turmeric in one and a half cup of water for 5/10 minutes, separate the panituk and mix the water with a little sugar and a spoonful of it. Mixing turmeric powder, sugarcane molasses and pure mustard oil together is beneficial for asthma.

• Turmeric powder also gives excellent results in wounds, cuts, wounds, swelling or wounds. If any part of the body is sprained or injured, mixing lime, salt and turmeric and heating it reduces the pain and swelling. And when it boils, the ashes of burnt turmeric are dipped in water and the wound dries up as soon as you see it.

• Turmeric is very beneficial for those who have liver disorders.

December 2023