How to maintain the softness of hands and feet in winter.

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How to maintain the softness of hands and feet in winter.

In winter, besides skin care, you also need to take care of your hands and feet. At this time, due to the lack of moisturizer, the hands and feet became dry, rough and lifeless.

The skin of many hands also becomes red. Rough elbow or ankle fractures are also a problem. In addition, thyroid, diabetes, COPD, allergies and vitamin deficiency is one of the causes of dryness.

Let’s find out what to do to keep your skin soft in winter-

  1. When the skin of the hands and feet is peeled, make a mixture by mixing oatmeal powder, ripe banana, a little honey or glycerin, egg white. Apply it well with both hands before bathing. When dry, wash your hands.
  2. Roughness of feet is a common problem in winter. To avoid this problem, apply a mixture of ripe banana, ripe papaya, apple, a few drops of olive oil, a little milk cream and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash and apply moisturizer.
  3.  Use cuticle cream or oil to soften nail cuticles. Lightly massage a drop of olive oil around the nails with your hands. This will increase the beauty of the nails.
  4. To get rid of excess dryness of the hands, mix a few drops of honey and olive oil in the same amount and massage the hands. Wash off after 15 minutes.
  5. Cucumber juice works well to protect the skin. Mix cucumber juice and a drop of camphor with tea liqueur and keep in the fridge, which will act as a hand toner.
  6. The use of extra hand sanitizer in corona air has also increased the amount of roughness. Be sure to apply hand cream after using the sanitizer.
  7. Olive oil is very beneficial for the skin. When using a few drops of olive oil without moisturizer before going to bed at night, massage the palms of the hands, the back of the palms, fingers and elbows. You will see that the freshness of the skin will be fine.

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