It’s like living with death- Kovid-19 and dengue attack together

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It’s like living with death- Kovid-19 and dengue attack together

The difference between Kovid-19 and dengue is not understood. Moreover, the clinical and laboratory characteristics of Covid-19 and dengue are very similar, making it difficult to distinguish them. Corona is a highly contagious virus that is transmitted from person to person. It is spread by touching a person’s phlegm, saliva, runny nose or anything infected.

The dengue virus is mainly spread through mosquitoes. Symptoms of both covid-19 and dengue usually start with fever. Moreover, body aches, nausea, loss of taste in the mouth, feeling tired, etc. are common symptoms of both diseases.

The specific symptoms of Covid-19 are cough, sore throat etc. and the specific symptoms of dengue are severe headache, body aches, pain behind the eyes and body rash etc.

However, the symptoms of dengue cough are not uncommon now because the symptoms of dengue are changing every year. There is also the possibility of vomiting and diarrhea in dengue. Therefore, it has become difficult to differentiate between Kovid-19 and dengue by seeing the symptoms of professional health workers including the general public.

Therefore, treatment of Covid-19 or dengue is not a symptom but an accurate diagnosis. The co-infection of coronavirus and dengue in our country is a matter of real concern and concern. This is definitely a warning to everyone from the public to health workers. That is why our hospitals are now struggling to treat coronavirus patients and if coronavirus patients including dengue are added to it, the situation will become more complicated.

Panic will increase in the minds of the people. So all health workers, including our public health experts, need to be careful about this type of infection now. It is necessary to give specific guidelines for the treatment of such patients and how the patients will deal with it. Health authorities need to pay special attention to rapid, sensitive and accurate diagnostic tests for Kovid-19 and dengue. Accurate results of Kovid-19 and dengue are essential for proper treatment.