International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day

“Twenty-one is my pride, twenty-one is my consciousness”

 *** Bengali is our mother tongue. To protect this mother’s language, this nation shed fresh blood on February 21, 1952. That is why 21st February ৮ Falgun is the day of consciousness of this nation, the day of renaissance. On the 21st of February 1952, an event took place on the streets of Dhaka to change the history of the Bengalis. February 21 is the day when the turn of the nation’s transformation began.

*** The Bengali language is the language of life, the language of life is ‘I want Bangla as the state language’. It was in the Ekushey movement that the self-development of the Bengalis took place, in the continuation of which the war of liberation took place through a long struggle. The nectar of freedom has broken the shackles of a thousand years of subjugation.

*** So a great day glowing in the pride of self-sacrifice, the motivation to wake up. The day of taking the oath of self-sacrifice in the need of patriotism. On 21st February 1952, in memory of the language martyrs, ‘National Martyrs’ Day’ and ‘International Mother Language Day’ were celebrated in Bangladesh and all over the world with various ceremonies.

*** 21 My Pride: The influence of the language movement in the field of Bengali language and culture is very deep and significant. The main aim of the language movement was to preserve and uphold the uniqueness of Bengali language and culture. Shaheed Minar in exchange for blood donation and sacrifice of Bengali students and youth in the language movement. February 21 and the Shaheed Minar are now an integral part of our culture, a unique symbol of national awakening. Today, people of all walks of life in Bangladesh have a strong voice. Ordinary people still cherish the fighting spirit of 21st February.

*** Giving life for language, is it easy? As a Bengali nation, the young souls have proved their superiority in the world. Rafiq, Salam, Barkatara have changed the future of this country by giving their lives for the mother tongue in the guise of a hero, not by bowing down but by raising their heads. After 52, we came to the various ups and downs of Baite Baite 71 and got a taste of liberation. I got independent Bengal from the blood stained highway. That language movement of ’52 was not just a language movement, it was the name of an arrogance.

*** The United Nations observes the 21st of February every year as the International Mother Language Day on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. In May of that year, the resolution was unanimously passed by the 113-member UN Committee on Information, promising to observe February 21 as International Mother Language Day.

*** Great Martyrs’ Day and International Mother Language Day. Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury’s time-honored song ‘Ekushey February painted in my brother’s blood’ will be sung by millions of people all over the world. Can I forget? Can I forget the tears of hundreds of mothers who lost their children in February? ‘

“Twenty one is my pride, Twenty one is my consciousness”-

Moder gorbo, Moder asha, Aa Mori Bangla vasha!

December 2023