International Human Rights Day

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16 December
“December 16, the 49th anniversary of the bloody victory, the 50th Victory Day”
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International Human Rights Day

My speech on the occasion of International Human Rights Day:

* People are easily influenced by the words and behavior of bad / evil people. And Satan comes with him to encourage that bad / evil man. As a result, the morality, self-sociality and attitude of a good person changes. And its greatest impact is on the family and society later.

* If a person is always honest with firmness, then he gets the satisfaction of Allah in everything.

*”It is not right to expect all people in the world to be honest, but it is very important for human civilization to keep trying to be honest.”

Therefore, on World Human Rights Day, we want to live honestly from our own position.

——Nahida Alam——-

International Human Rights Day

“Human Rights Day” is celebrated on December 10 every year in all countries of the world under the auspices of the United Nations. The day has been observed by the UN General Assembly since December 10, 1948.

Meetings, cultural events and various documentaries or film screenings on human rights issues are commonplace.

Traditionally, the UN Human Rights Prize is awarded every five years, centering on December 10. The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is also held on this day.

– Lewis Arbor, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, issued a statement on December 10, 2007, which is particularly noteworthy. The statement is: –

“Today, poverty has taken a toll on human rights in the world. Winning by fighting against poverty, deprivation, exclusion, etc. is not a matter for charitable funds. It doesn’t matter how rich the country is in tackling poverty. Human rights must be upheld in order to tackle poverty. The world will have a greater opportunity to eradicate it … to achieve a greater goal of eradicating poverty. “

Every year since 1947, December 10 has been celebrated all over the world with due dignity and importance. The day is recognized by the United Nations and is celebrated all over the world.