How to make Apple cider vinegar in home

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How to make Apple cider vinegar in home

Apple cider vinegar eliminates harmful bacteria from the body. In addition, it is used for weight loss and beauty treatment. Apple cider vinegar is very essential for human body.

You can make apple cider vinegar at home. Today we know How to make Apple cider vinegar in home:


Wash three red apples well, wipe them with a cloth and cut them into small pieces. There is no need to omit the beech or part of the beech. Wash a clean glass jar and dry it in the sun.


Put the apple pieces in the jar. Do not fill the jar at all. Now mix 3 tablespoons of brown sugar in one and a half cup of water. Use a wooden spoon.


Pour the water mixed with sugar into the jar of apples and cover the mouth of the jar with a cotton cloth. Leave the jar in a dark place in the kitchen for three weeks. After two days, you must open the lid and press the apple down with a wooden spoon.


After three weeks, strain the vinegar with a thin cotton cloth. With a little vinegar in a jar, you must take the part that has accumulated below. Leave it in a glass jar for a couple of more weeks and then use organic apple cider vinegar.

So make Apple cider vinegar easily.