How to keep the heart healthy

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Heart problem or Heart Attack
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How to keep the heart healthy

High blood pressure control: It is possible to reduce the risk of high blood pressure by changing the way of life. You should go to the doctor regularly and get your blood pressure checked. The earlier high blood pressure is caught, the sooner it can be controlled and protected from complex diseases or reactions.

Excess weight or obesity loss: If you do not get enough exercise and physical activity, you can gain weight. This requires extra work on the heart, which can lead to overweight people with high blood pressure, various arterial and venous diseases and heart disease. Eating and drinking should be controlled and regular exercise should be done.

Quit smoking: Smoking is one of the main enemies of the heart. Smokers’ reactions to various toxins from tobacco can cause arterial and venous diseases, including high blood pressure, and heart disease. Smoking is definitely forbidden. Stay away from contact with smokers. Tobacco leaves, apricots, roses etc. should also be avoided.

Manage mental and physical stress: Excessive anger, excitement, fear and stress can also cause blood pressure and heart disease. Regular rest, sleeping on time, the body needs to rest from excess fatigue. There will be more peace of mind through doing one’s own hobby, practicing one’s own religion etc. Excessive stress is terrible for health. Therefore, sports, chat, reading books, yoga and meditation can be the best medicine to relieve stress. Good sleep every night is good for health.

Diabetes control: Atherosclerosis is more common in diabetic patients. As a result, high blood pressure occurs with age. So patients must keep diabetes under control.

Excess salt control: Edible salt contains sodium, which increases the water content of the blood. As a result, blood volume increases and blood pressure also rises, which can lead to heart disease. Excess salt in addition to the required salt in the curry should be avoided. Many people eat raw salt with food. It must be discarded. Too much salt raises blood pressure. This can lead to heart problems.

Elimination of fatty foods: High fat in the blood, extra fat foods, excess cholesterol in the blood makes the walls of blood vessels thick and hard. This can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.
Low fat and low cholesterol foods should be taken. Such as khasi or beef, liver, brain, swallow, kidney, should be eaten less. Low-fat foods and skim milk, unsaturated fats such as soybean, canola, corn oil or sunflower oil can be eaten.

Avoid alcohol: Excessive alcohol should be avoided. Drinking too much alcohol means raising blood pressure. It also affects the heart rate. For good health and strong heart, you should quit drinking and smoking.

Exercise regularly: There is no other way to keep your heart healthy. Morning-evening walking, running if possible, light exercise, using the stairs without taking the elevator, etc. You don’t have to go to the gym. Exercise can be done at home. If you can’t do that, you must walk every day.