Herbal drinks to survive the cold

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Herbal drinks to survive the cold

Corona has been attacked in the country for a long time. To avoid corona, it is very important to use awareness, use hand sanitizer, etc. as well as increase the body’s immunity. Colds, flu, etc. are the symptoms of corona.

The main problem of winter is getting cold. There is no substitute for honey and hot water in winter. In case of winter cold or fever, we can drink drinks using herbal ingredients. Even herbal ingredients work best to keep you cool.

A drink rich in natural ingredients can be easily made with four ingredients. The ingredients are: Ginger, honey, lemon, black pepper. All these ingredients can reduce cold and fever. These ingredients keep away bacteria and improve digestion. But let’s find out how to make this drink.


  1. Two glasses of water
  2. A lemon
  3. Half a tablespoon of chili powder
  4. One tablespoon graded ginger
  5. One tablespoon of honey


First mix the ground black pepper and grated ginger well. Then mix it well with honey. Now mix well with lemon juice in a glass of hot water. This time the water is hot while the previous one is presented

The mixture of black pepper, graded ginger and honey can be mixed well in hot lemon water to make a drink. Now you have to drink the drink while it is slightly hot.

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