Getting rid of unwanted smell

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Getting rid of unwanted smell

It is not uncommon for your room to exude odour. Cleanliness has to be maintained if you want a fresh room.

If you follow a few simple steps, you can keep your room fresh:-

  1. you should do is to find out if there are any specific sources of bad smell that are creating the stench. Once you figure out the source (It could be a wastebasket or a pile of leftover food), remove it. Otherwise, no matter how many different things you try, the smell will keep coming back.
  2. Make sure there are no dirty laundry left in a pile in a corner of the room. Dirty laundry will emit bad smell tainted by sweat, dust, smoke and who knows what else. This smell can be quite strong and they only get worse with every passing hour. The trick is to get your laundry done in time and if you must leave them for a day, try not to leave them in the bedroom.
  3. Whether you use blankets or sheets, try to make your bed after you get up in the morning. Beddings left in a pile will start to smell pretty soon. There is no winner if you leave your bed untidy.
  4. For rooms with carpets and upholstered furniture, dust them as often as possible. Carpets can be the main culprit for bad smells during rainy season. If humidity starts to build up in your room, it will soon elevate every other culprit that gives out an odour and magnify it. If possible, use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in control.
  5. Open the doors and windows so that plenty of natural light and air can flow freely in your room. This will not only freshen your room naturally; it will also remove the trapped air that was starting to make the room smell. If your room is adjacent to the bathroom, you should check for mould (a type of fungus) every now and then.
  6. You might hear useful tips like- ‘light a candle’ from here and there. Candles will help in some cases but most of the time they only mask the original odour and if you do not get rid of the source of the smell, it will come back soon after the candle has gone out. Try not to rely on the candles for they are a temporary solution and a safety risk.
  7. If it had to be summed into one simple advice: it would be to keep your room clean and the smell would be under control. Using an air freshener can be a quick solution when you are in a hurry. Combining air freshener with a neat and clean room will elevate your mood; something surely to be desired.

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