How to remove Foot odor

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How to remove Foot odor

Extremely embarrassing situations and problems are called “foot odor”. Excessive sweating from the glands of the feet can cause bad breath. In medical terms, this is due to suffering from hyperhidrosis. This topic is discussed from the information available online and other sources:

Causes of bad breath:

Indifference in foot care causes various diseases in the feet and spreads bad smell as a symptom.

If feet are wet due to prolonged sweating, bad smell spreads. This is because bacteria spread rapidly in damp wet places. And so the stench increases with time.

Did you know that synthetic socks increase foot odor. Because on the one hand they can’t breathe through these socks and on the other hand they are ineffective in absorbing sweat.

Many people like to wear or wear without Converse or sneaker socks. The inside of the sweat-soaked shoes is damp and dirty. This can also spread bad breath.

On the other hand, wearing synthetic leather shoes known as rexine increases the tendency of foot odor. Because of the inability to breathe through the artificial skin, the feet sweat quickly.

Ways to avoid bad breath:

 If you want to know how to avoid this embarrassing stench, the clinical dermatologist of Lab Aid Hospital said. Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury said, “It is very important to take care of the feet to avoid this problem. Cleaning the feet with glycerin moisturizing soap can improve the condition faster than cleaning the feet with ordinary soap. It won’t stink. “

Do not wear one pair of shoes every day but change your shoes. Keep in a well-ventilated place.

Good results can be obtained by using shoes made of natural leather. Because natural skin has a kind of pore. The air circulation in this hole keeps the environment inside the shoe healthy.

Do not wear shoes or socks for a long time and if you take off your shoes from time to time and apply air on your feet, the fear of bad smell will be reduced

You can soak your feet in lukewarm water back home. Remove dead cells by scrubbing. The stench will be reduced.

When wearing shoes or socks, you can put small cloves or cardamom pieces in it.

People who have diabetes need to be more careful about their feet. Cotton socks should be worn to remove odor. Socks have to be changed every day. Bad breath can be easily avoided by taking care of the feet. Perfumes to prevent foot odor are available in the market nowadays. You can use them too.

 Physical exercise and hard work are also very effective in this case. Sweat dripping from the body anyway. If you are overweight, reduce it. If necessary, change your eating habits with the advice of a specialist or consult a doctor if there is any other problem in the body.