Facebook launches Covid-19 vaccine finder in Bangladesh

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Facebook launches Covid-19 vaccine finder in Bangladesh

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Facebook has partnered with Bangladesh’s ICT Division and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The Vaccine Finder connects people to local resources through their News Feed and includes eligibility criteria as well as the location of the vaccination center and links to register for an appointment. The tool can be found in Facebook’s Covid-19 Information Center, which is also available in Bangla.

Facebook has taken several steps to support vaccine roll-out and raise awareness about safe hygiene practices around the world. The social media company has connected over two billion people globally to resources from health authorities through the Covid-19 Information Center and removed more than 18 million pieces of harmful misinformation about Covid-19l and approved vaccines.

Facebook has been working with partners in Bangladesh and around the world to increase health awareness and connect people to the latest information from health experts during the pandemic. So far, 11 million Bangladeshis have signed up using the platform’s Blood Donations feature to play a role in reducing critical blood shortage in the country.

In Bangladesh, Facebook sends News Feed notifications directing people to register for the vaccine on the government’s website www.surokkha.gov.bd and continues to remind them about preventive hygiene measures, like wearing masks. It also helps people easily access www.corona.gov.bd for the latest government directives. Earlier this year, a public education campaign (www.fightcovidmisinfo.com) was launched to help Bangladeshis identify and combat false information related to Covid.

This week, the Facebook Journalism Project announced its partnership with the Digital Health Lab at Meedan, a global technology nonprofit organization, to support independent third-party fact-checkers working with Facebook to fight misinformation online. Meedan’s team of doctors, scientists and health experts will facilitate virtual training sessions, and fact checking partners can also use the Health Desk for health-related fact checks. This is the latest step in the company’s ongoing effort to address health misinformation.